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Ingeturnd is looking for gymnasts who are passionate about gymnastics or another gymnastics discipline, are active on social media, will enjoy promoting Ingeturnd and would like to contribute behind the scenes. If this makes you enthousiastic, check the information below to find out how you can become an Ingeturnd ambassador!

The Ingeturnd ambassador programIngeturnd Turnpakje Cirque

The ambassador program is a collaboration between gymnasts and Ingeturnd.
As an ambassador you show what the Ingeturnd brand is, you help with the online visibility of Ingeturnd and provide feedback to help improve Ingeturnd. You also help to show how beautiful the gymnastics sport is and that gymnastics is for everyone #hetmooievanturnen (the beauty of gymnastics)
In return, Ingeturnd provides you with free products and extra discounts (take a look in the webshop), the opportunity to contribute behind the scenes and the chance to be involved in various projects and photo shoots.

Ingeturnd turnpakje ribbonsWho are eligible?

Characteristics of potential ambassadors:

  • Gymnast or involved in another discipline
  • Living in preferably the Netherlands, Belgium or Germany (another EU country is also possible) and speaks Dutch and/or English
  • Active on social media with an account focussed on gymnastics (the quality of content of your account is more important than the number of followers)
  • Show that gymnastics/gym sports is fantastic #hetmooievanturnen
  • Has positive experiences with Ingeturnd and wants to show this to others
  • Is willing to contribute behind the scenes, to give feedback, to help with, for example, the development of new leotards

If you are younger than 18 you must have permission from your parent (s) / guardian (s). If you are 18 or older, you are also very welcome to become an ambassador at Ingeturnd!

Register for the selection procedureIngeturnd Turnpakje wedstrijdpakje

There are only a few places available, so a selection will have to take place.

You can register for the selection procedure by:

  • Making sure you follow @ingeturndturnpakjes on Instagram
  • De Instagram post waarin de zoektocht bekend wordt gemaakt te liken en delen
  • Completing the registration form:
  • Announce through your own social media that you have signed up for the Ingeturnd ambassador program, creativity is appreciated (don't forget to tag @ingeturndturnpakjes)

Deadline for registration is 26 May 2021 23:59.

Then I take the time to go through all registrations. I may ask you some additional questions before finalizing the selection.

If you have any questions, you can always contact me via or send a DM!