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About IngeturndIngeturnd Inge Korte

Ingeturnd is a small business for leotards for girls/women and boys/men, for individuals as well as clubs. We also offer accessories such as gym shorts, grip bags and scrunchies to complete your outfit.

My name is Inge Korte. As a young girl I started gymnastics and fell in love with it. I still remember how proud I was of my first leotard.
In 2007 I had the idea to make my own leotard. The first one was very simple, but I was very proud. Soon they became more complex and I was making them for my gymnastics friends. Now this has grown into my fulltime leotard company: Ingeturnd Leotards. The meaning of Ingeturnd: Ingeturnd is the Dutch word for the situation in which a gymnast has done the warm up/one touch and feels ready for competition. It has my name, Inge, in it and the Dutch verb 'turnen' meaning 'to do gymnastics'.

I enjoy the challenge to design beautiful leotards and seeing how excited gymnasts are with their new leotard. My priority is making sure the gymnast feels good in the leotard. An excellent fit, great quality and an eye for details are essential.

The designing and production is completely located in the Netherlands with, where possible, European materials.

A few funfacts about me: I have an excersice sciences degree, do adult gymnastics, am a gymnastics coach and judge.

Customer reactions

"Wow Inge!! Very nicely done! And it fits very comfortable! Thank you!!!"

"We have received the leotard and she is very happy. It fits perfectly, so she can go to gymnastics camp. Next time we will ask you again to make her leotard."

"The leo fits perfect. Thanks!"

"I received the leos today. They are all great! Thank you so much for making the leotards. If we want more, I'll let you know!"

"We received the leotards Yesterday and the girls tried them on. They look so gorgeous!!"

"It is as beautiful as I imagined, really gorgeous! And it fits perfectly. Thank you!"

"It is super cheerful and beautiful, it really is my dream leotard!"

"I just received the leotards and they look beautiful. Thank you and I will sent you a picture when we wear them in Ahoy! Thank you for the good and fast service!"

"Received the leotard today. Looks very good on her. She wears black shorts with it. Great!! She is very happy with it and will wearing it tonight"

"My daughter is very excited and wore the leo and shorts the whole evening at home. The size is perfect. Thank you."