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How can I reach Ingeturnd?

You can always sent an email to
Normaal gesproken ontvang je binnen 3 werkdagen reactie. In drukke tijden kan het soms iets langer duren.

It is also possible to sent a message on Instagram or Facebook @ingeturndturnpakjes

Due to the noise of the sewing machines I sometimes miss calls. If you would like a phone call or video call, please sent me a message so we can schedule an appointment.

I haven't received a reply, what's going on?

Mijn streven is om binnen 3 werkdagen op je e-mail te reageren. In het weekend is Ingeturnd gesloten.

Ingeturnd is een eenmanszaak. Dat betekent dat ik alles in mijn eentje doe en er dus geen 24/7 klantenservice is. Ik vraag daarom om je geduld. Het kan in drukke periodes voorkomen dat ik je e-mail niet binnen 3 werkdagen uitgebreid kan beantwoorden. Twijfel je of je mailtje wel is aangekomen? Stuur er dan gerust even een mailtje achteraan.

I've got a great idea, suggestion or feedback, how can I let you know?

I love to hear what you think about Ingeturnd to keep improving Ingeturnd! You can email to or sent a message on Facebook or Instagram @ingeturndturnpakjes.

Ordering and payment

What is included in the prices in the shop?

All prices are including VAT and excluding shipping fees. The shipping fee will be determined in the shopping cart.

I don't know which size to order, how do I decide?

In the product information you'll find the dimensions of the leotard.
If you are ordering a club leotard, you might be able to try on the leotard of a teammate to make sure the size is right.

If you have any doubts, please get in touch so I can assist you!
Also get in touch if the standardized sizes do not match your body type. There is always a solution!

I have a discount code or voucher, how do I use it?

Discount codes and vouchers can be submitted in the shopping cart.

If you need any assistance, please contact us at

How can I pay?

On the website you can safely pay for your order using:
– iDeal
– Bancontact
– Bank transfer (you'll receive an invoice with payment details)

At events/competitions it is possible to pay using:
– Cash
– Debit card (also contactless)
– Tikkie or payment request using a bank app

Shipping fees and times

What are the shipping fees?

Per bestelling wordt €4,95 verzendkosten in rekening gebracht voor verzenden binnen Nederland. Voor België en Duitsland zijn de verzendkosten €11,95.

Belgium, Denmark, Germany, France, Italy, Luxembourg, Austria, Spain, Sweden: €9,95

Finland, Ireland, Poland, Portugal: €12,95. And Bulgaria, Estonia, Greece, Hungary, Croatia, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Romania, Slovenia, Slovakia, Czech Republic: €16,95

How long does it take to receive my order?

To be as accurate as possible the products are divided in shipping categories. In the product description you can check the shipping category and on the bottom of the website you'll find the current estimated shipping time. Please keep in mind that the transportation of orders outside The Netherlands takes longer.

Orders placed by clubs have deviating shipping times and will be communicated during the ordering process.

Washing instrustions

How do I take care of my leotard?

It is important to take good care of your leotard to make sure it lasts long.
Mystique fabrics are more fragile than Lycra and velvet fabrics and must be handled extra careful.

– Rinse the leotard with cold or hand warm water directly after use
– You can use a bit of detergent for fragile fabrics
– Put it on a clothes hanger to let it dry

– Don't wait with washing, sweat and deodorant have a negative influence on the fabric
Never use softener, bleach or other aggressive soaps
– Hot water can cause crystals to fall off
– Do not let it soak, the colours might run
– Do not use a dryer, do not wring it, do not place it in sunlight and do not place it on a heather

Exchange and Return

Does my product qualify for exchange or return?

Product sold from stock qualify for exchange or return.

The following products are excluded form exchange or return:
– Used products
– DESIGN IT!, COLOUR IT! and personalized products
– Bespoke products
– Made to order products
– Products bought at an event/competition with the option to try it on

How can I exchange or return my product?

If you would like to exchange or return a product that qualifies this is the process:
Get in contact within 14 days since receiving your order via email: You'll receive the exchange/return form to fill in and sent with your product. You pay for the shipping back to Ingeturnd but extra shipping costs for exchanges is covered by Ingeturnd. When the product is returned in perfect condition, the money will be transferred as soon as possible.

Competitions and Events

Can Ingeturnd attend my competition, event or practice?

Yes! I love to offer gymnasts the option to see, feel and try on the leotards on location in The Netherlands.

Get in touch via for more information and to check the availability on your date.

Warranty and Complaints

How about warranty on my products?

All products made by Ingeturnd have 6 months warranty on manufacturing defects, counting from the date of order. Examples of manufacturing defects: a broken seam or elastic. Together we will discus the most appropriate solution (financial compensation, repair, replacement).

Damage due to incorrect use, incorrect washing, running colours through a combination of dark and light fabrics and normal wear and tear are not covered by the warranty on manufacturing defects. Pilling (the formation of fluff or streaks through contact with a rough surface such as Velcro), fading of the color of the fabric, loss of the gloss of the fabric and loss of the foil of the fabric are normal properties of (foil) fabrics. No guarantee is given on this. There is no guarantee on 100% fixation of crystals. Friction, picking or washing can always cause something to come loose.

I have a complaint, what can I do?

Get in touch! Happy costumers are my priority. If you are not happy, I would like to know as soon as possible so we can discuss the problem and find an appropriate solution.
You can email to This adres is also available to schedule an phone/video call.

Terms and conditions and Privacy statement

Where can I find the terms and conditions?

Click here: Terms and conditions (DUTCH)

Where can I find the privacy statement?

Click here:  Privacy statement (DUTCH)